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When internet isnt for p0rn anymore.

December 25, 2010

Have you downloaded Teen Anal Nightmare 2? If so, you might be one of those 9’729 suckers who will get sued for illegal download on BitTorrent.

The company West Coast Productions attacks users who downloaded their latest porn movie. Apparently they didn’t choose the hard way to do it, like MPAA did with The Pirate Bay, no, they choose to pursuit every single bastard who downloaded the movie and make him pay for jerking off without paying.

I didn’t find much more about the story but one thing’s for sure, no dumb ass will wanna get this on his record so I think that WCP will definitively come to an arrangement with them, let’s say 2’000 per viewer? A lot more that they had imagined when they filmed it, if … that wasn’t their intention in first place. Isn’t stupid, you make a dumb movie, three 30 years old chicks are getting their ass whipped, you call them teens, put on a nice cover and release it on the internet … and .. you wait.
Imagine 100 people downloading it, you press charges and get 2’000 bucks out of each, that gives us the nice amount of …………. 200’000$? Well played.

So little bastards, don’t spend your time downloading low quality p0rn, try some Vivid Entertainment, I heard that they play dirty, illegal and … they have some hot material with A. Kutcher in it. Guddy guddy.


Slide Scanning Pros.

July 18, 2009

Hi, just wanted to make a positive publicity about a slide scanning site, Slide Scanning Pros. to be more exact. If you have some old photos that you can’t trow away but aren’t clear you can use their site to bring ’em back to life. For only 26 cents. I like the fact that you can pay after you see your image, that show’s the fact that their site is a professional one.

Here’s an example of what they can really do:

This is your photo before,

close up of scratches before cleanup

And this is after!

close up of scratches after clean up

Hope this site would help you.