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December 28, 2010

Ia ba nene, mai spre fericirea mea … imi vine sa-mi tai venele. Va explic:

In ultima vreme, mai toata lumea-mi vorbeste de casnicie. P-asta o mai inghit, din cand in cand … insa acum mai nou, lumea imi vorbeste de copii. FTWTF. Au innebunit cu totii frate. Pai ba, macar asa, familia mea … ar fi trebuit sa ma cunoasca indeajuns de bine incat sa nu-mi vorbeasca despre CASNICIE. Intr-adevar, intr-o zi o voi face si p-asta, ca orice om. Dar acum? what ever happened to … “FINISH YOUR STUDIES FIRST!!” Haaa???

Cumlea este ca toata lumea m-ar sustine in caz de as ramane impodobata. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! HAI SICTIR!!!!!!! AVORT FRATE!!!!! Si inca, e cam greu sa treci peste 10 prezervative, pilula plus ciclul menstrual.
Fiziologii s-ar pisa pe ei de frica daca as incalca vreo sala de conferinta legata de anatomia femeii.

Deci, sa fie clar. Nu ma vad eu cu burta la gura. Nu m-am vazut niciodata. Nici cand aveam 5 ani, nici 10, nici 15, nici acum. Indeed, am mai zis eu de casnicie, tralala si bla bla bla. Insa sa ma gandesc serios? NU. Poate … peste vreo 10 ani. Si totusi, il iubesc pe al meu, dar sunt greu de suportat. Nu rezista aproape nimeni langa mine mai mult de cinci ani, asa ca .. n-am chef sa devin o cifra in statistica anului x, categoria divortului. JEEEEEEET.

Mai intai cariera mea. Apoi casnicia … apoi chestiile alea stresante de alearga peste tot, se caca si vomita toata ziua.


Photo: Dead Days


Will I.AM and Cher Lloyd

December 27, 2010

I saw on Will IAM‘s twitter that after the last Factor X, he went with Cher Lloyd @the studio and made a “Smasher” oh, excuse me.. A MEGA smasher. Nicely done Willy, after ruining the poor thing’s performance. And frankly, I don’t think he gives a fuck about her, her performance or anything else for the simple reason that he doesn’t even know how to spell her name. But why spelling it right, he only has 633,909 followers. Let’s hope that these two gets really along and do something great because the last time they did a duel it sounded like … like .. well, I’ll let you decide by yourself. Enjoy.


Gaga wanst to take a ride on your disco stick

December 25, 2010

Or not. Two months ago, that means in September, PipeDream Product an XXX online shop had a great idea of creating a Gaga doll, see image below, using even lyrics from her famous songs, Love Game and Poker Face. The product would had been sold like brownies if it wasn’t for the little tiny detail that they haven’t taken in consideration: COPYRIGHT.

That’s right, those bastards haven’t signed any contract with Gaga, and even if she knew before all that happen, I don’t think she wouldn’t sign up for any of this, no matter how Gaga she is. From McQueen to McSin, for Gaga isn’t such a big step but still, at long as her career is rising up and she’s still wearing some Dior, that proves that she isn’t very poor. (Dont you dare call me a versifier.)

Still, looks like her music or should I say lyrics are catching up on her, but she wants to prove, just like Kim Kardashian did, that the only disco stick that she will ride will be Luc Carl‘s.

So PDP, pack up your dolls and next time, try to get a contract before spending millions on some dolls who wouldn’t be used in ANY way.

Photo from: Perez UNRATED Hilton


When internet isnt for p0rn anymore.

December 25, 2010

Have you downloaded Teen Anal Nightmare 2? If so, you might be one of those 9’729 suckers who will get sued for illegal download on BitTorrent.

The company West Coast Productions attacks users who downloaded their latest porn movie. Apparently they didn’t choose the hard way to do it, like MPAA did with The Pirate Bay, no, they choose to pursuit every single bastard who downloaded the movie and make him pay for jerking off without paying.

I didn’t find much more about the story but one thing’s for sure, no dumb ass will wanna get this on his record so I think that WCP will definitively come to an arrangement with them, let’s say 2’000 per viewer? A lot more that they had imagined when they filmed it, if … that wasn’t their intention in first place. Isn’t stupid, you make a dumb movie, three 30 years old chicks are getting their ass whipped, you call them teens, put on a nice cover and release it on the internet … and .. you wait.
Imagine 100 people downloading it, you press charges and get 2’000 bucks out of each, that gives us the nice amount of …………. 200’000$? Well played.

So little bastards, don’t spend your time downloading low quality p0rn, try some Vivid Entertainment, I heard that they play dirty, illegal and … they have some hot material with A. Kutcher in it. Guddy guddy.


Din ciclul, cand eram mai mic.

December 9, 2010

Imi amintesc in dulcea copilarie cum, dintr-o data, am inceput cu totii sa citim carti. Nu conta ca era Alecsandri, Cosbuc,Tudor sau Balcescu, imporant era sa citim. Incepusem saptamanal sa-i cer bani mamei sa-mi iau cate una, doua, trei carti si nu eram singura, lansasem moda impreuna cu fratele meu mai mare, devenisem niste littérature victimes in asa fel incat sa vrajim restul prietenilor nostri. Treaba devenise serioasa, ba chiar impunatoare, un mod de batjocareala ; daca nu citisei Pasii Profetului, intitulat Blaga, erai de ras. Rau a fost ce avea sa urmeze, fiecare incepuse sa filozofeze, dar nu pe filozofie, logic, ci pe romanele aruncate in biblioteca bunicului pline de praf si panza de paianjen. Cand mai auzeai cate un mizerabil venind catre tine si incepandu-ti sa-ti vorbeasca despre viata si moarte, ramaneai orbit, belind ochii cat un magar si ridicand sprinceana. Iti povestea dragul de el despre ce avea sa-l urmeze, ce avea sa vina in viitor dupa el. Eu stiam ce, nu-mi trebuia sa fiu Nostradamus sa-i prezic limbricului ca vine ma-sa sa-l cheme la masa. Dar il lasam sa vorbeasca si cu nasul in carticioara mea, mai ii aruncam cate o privire caraghioasa fratelui, care, imi raspundea identic.

Acum insa, imi dau seama de ce la culcare parintii nu-ti recita Dantes ci Punguta cu doi bani. Oricat de matur ai fi la noua ani, nimic nu se compara cu un bun Pamantean Iubit la varsta de saptesprezece ani, cand poti intelege de ce ma-sa lu’ Victor Petrini si-a alungat sotul de langa ea, cand dansul dorea niste relatii conjugale, la doar treizeci si opt de ani.

In fine, scopul acestui post a fost sa-mi aduc aminte de anumite detalii si sa filozofez pe faptul ca, la o varsta frageda, am citit niste carti care nu-mi erau destinate. Dar precum am spus, era la moda. Asa dar, dragi cititori, va rog sa ma scuzati, ma cheama mama la masa.